BRIEF ACCOUNT OF A DISAPPEARANCE | Ben Evans | NEC at Serralves em Festa 2015



©Luis Miguel Félix


30th may | 10h30 – 13h30 and 15h30 – 18h30
Serralves Foundation Gardens – Arboreto

Following the artistic residency held in coproduction with Teatro Municipal do Porto Rivoli . Campo Alegre, NEC invited Ben Evans to expand his proposal for the specific context of Serralves em Festa 2015. It will be an audio path which you can access during the defined schedule.

As a visitor to Serralves em Festa, you are invited to meander the grounds, listening to a description of a figure – maybe emerging from the landscape, walking beside you, becoming visible and disappearing again. Someone then begins to describe you – but they are mistaken. They have you confused with someone else. Or do they? This work by artist Ben Evans plays with presences that are real but only imagined, behaviors predicted and never actualized, performed and forgotten. Its fragility points to the power of those imperceptible forces that guide our very movements.

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Out in Space (Experiences on Autonomy), by Dinis Machado


9th March 2014

Edifício AXA (4º piso)

3 pm to 5.30 pm

Cosmogony (10min, performed for one spectator at a time)

6 pm

Stuff  (6min)

And if the door will be closed there will have to be space to run and jump inside even if the room has the exact same shape and size then the body  (12min)

Another protagonist (8 min)

And Yet, It Moves! (10 min)


Project developed in the research context of the MA in Coreography at DOCH (Stockholm)

Premiered in the context of Basement (Stockholm) curated by Tiago Granato e Sandro Resende

The fragment Cosmogny was created with the work title How to make a rainbow in the context of Andaime – Circuito de Artes Performativas


Out in Space (Experiences on Autonomy)

In my previous works, performers constructed and maintained spaces, that are scenic mechanisms, through a deep (civic) engagement with the ecosystems that every performance proposed. This duty of maintenance allowed them to project their utopias there.

One year ago I left Portugal by reasons not difficult to guess for any newspaper reader.

My work adapted to a new context of production that is also dramaturgical – a need to not depend on the context. Basically, space effectually disappeared from my works. Like homeless children convert an old coca-cola can into a car, an ashtray, or a bird… I put things together that react as proto-alchemical figures – like fetuses or galaxies – silently very alive and floating in the space that hosts them. And most of all infinitely potential.


Entrance: 7,5€ | Entrance for NEC associates and students 5€ |
Free entrance for participants in the workshop. Tenderness and utopia. A week with Dinis Machado

reservations for the email: | Tlm 913211428

Av. dos Aliados, nº 211, 4000-067 Porto

Tenderness and utopia. A week with Dinis Machado

 10th to 14th March 2014

18h00 – 21h00

For all the people interested. With or without experience in performative arts.

Inscription :: 30€
Discount of 20% for NEC associates :: 24€

Please send name, age, professional area, NIF nr. and contacts to the email up to 9th March

The participants will have free entrance in the program of presentations  Out in Space (Experiences on Autonomy)

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